Mini Professor Layton Hat Free Pattern



I had found a pattern for a top hat on but it was written in a way that i didnt understand, so i just did it my way 🙂

Materials Used
Rico Design Lisa – dark brown/ dark red
2.5mm hook

Sl st – slip stitch
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
FO – fasten off
Make a magic circle, 5 sc (5)
1. 2sc in each sc (10)
2. *1sc, 2sc* round (15)
3. *1sc, 1sc, 2sc* round (20)
4. *1sc, 1sc, 1sc, 2sc* round (25)
5. *1sc, 1sc, 1sc, 1sc, 2sc* round (30)
6. Backloop only – sc round (30)
7-17. Both loops – sc round (30)
18. Frontloop only – *1sc, 2sc* round (45)
19. Both loops – *1sc, 1sc, 2sc* round (60) FO

Hat Band
1. Ch 31
2. Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc to the end of chain (30)
3. Sc. Turn piece around, sc to the end (30). FO
Leave a long tail for sewing

Join the band ends together to make a loop
Slip it over the top of the hat
Using wool needle, sew the band to the hat

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