Anigiri 2: Bunnigiri Pattern

I saw a range of animal onigiri and decided to make my own 😀

Hook size: 2.5mm

sc = single crochet

dec = decrease

sc inc = single crochet increase

ch = chain

To make a magic circle, theres a great tutorial click here

I made the onigiri in light grey wool using HandmadeKitty’s pattern available here:

Click here

Ears (make 2):

Row 1. make a Magic circle, sc 5 in circle (5)

Row 2. sc inc until the end (10)

Row 3. *sc inc, sc* until the end (15)

Row 4-6. sc round (15)

Row 7. *3 sc, dec* round (12)

Row 8-10. sc round (12)

11. *2 sc, dec* round (9)

12. sc round (9)


Sew the ears at row 14, where you started the decrease rows

Nose: using black wool, embroider a small ‘X’ shape just below and inbetween the eyes

Tail – take a length of wool, about 20cm long, wrap it around your little finger. Take the wool off, careful to keep the ‘O’ shape, then taking another length of wool, tie around the middle so it becomes an ‘8’ shape. Cut the loops on both sides to make a small pompom. Sew this to the back of the onigiri, above the ‘seaweed’

Optional: Cut two circles of felt and stick them on either side of the eyes (cheek area)

Cut two pieces of felt,just a little smaller than the ears and stick them on

and you’re done!




My second animal-slash-onigiri 😀

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