So Many Projects, So Little Time

Although I’ve had the week off work, I’ve completed nothing  xD I really dunno why, I need to get my arse in gear 🙂

Well…I have been doing SOMETHING… I’m trying to make a Miku Hatsune doll But I just can’t get it right!

Miku Hatsune

I’m using the same base pattern as my Ulala Doll, but I really wanted her to have a pleated skirt. And so I travelled the net looking for a way to crochet a pleated skirt that actually looked good 🙂

I tried a couple different ways: first off, I attempted making it the way theyre made for human-sized skirts, that is, crocheting a large rectangle, then folding it over to make the pleats. Unfortuantly, I’m super-lazy, and never actually completed it haha

Secondly, I made smal rectangular strips, and sewed them together to look like a pleated skirt, as seen on video on a Japanese crochet site (I can’t remember the website, sorry!). I kinda got it all together, but it just didn’t look right!

And so I gave up…stored Miku’s head and body away until I had found the best way to make this skirt!

Until recently, I was on the Crochetville forums, and asked my fellow hookers (which I guess I shoulda done in the first place, but oh well xD) and was given this awesome pattern to make skirts which looked pleated 😀

Mucho thanks to danajokc from Crochetville for this. Her blog is CottonGinDesign 🙂

Working from top to bottom, with your length in mind, make a chain, add one more, then turn and make maybe two or three of each stitch in the back loops only. 2 slips, 2 sc, 2 hdc, 2 dc, turn and go back the other way, chain 2 counts as first double, then another double, then 2 hdc, 2 sc, 2 slips, chain one, turn, repeat…Go back and forth until it fits the waist of your doll. It will have the appearance of pleats, but not necessarily pleated, you know? Then bring the edges together and stitch up the side. I used the technique in the skirt below.

And heres her skirt:

Its really cool, and I love this pattern 🙂 I may use it for more than just the Miku Hatsune Doll!

2 Responses to “So Many Projects, So Little Time”

  1. Can I get for you pattern for this skirt? Is awesome!!!

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