The End of a Road


Tonight is the night…

I’ve been taking this for far too long…

Everyday you’ve mocked me, teased me, ridiculed me

And I’m not going to take it any longer.

Revenge is Sweet.
And each day, I’ve been hating you more and more.

This hatred is going to burst out of me

And you won’t know whats going to hit you

But I will…

Revenge is Sweet.

Once I’m done with you, you’re gonna be a speck of crumb on the table, a smear of…nothing.

Your end is near, and I’m happy, no, glad, no, hysterical over it, God forgive me.

I’m gonna get you and slice you open,

Watch as your red insides spill out.

Revenge is Sweet.

A cannibal now, I’ll drink you out, and then start on your outside, your skin which kept you whole.

I was whole, I still am. But the number of times you brought me to the brink of brokenness…it’s more than I could bear.

Revenge is Sweet.

Scream, if you can, for no-one will hear you. Only me.

But I’ll not care; you’ll be swallowed with particular delight, and maybe even greed.

You’ll become a part of me

And my hate will be no more.

Revenge is Sweet.

I then hear a voice calling my name,

Is it you, still calling, still teasing, still mocking me?

Daring me to do to you what I said i would?

Then the voice gets louder, a hand suddenly rests on my shoulder.

I turn slowly, slowly, scared to see whats behind me.

It is my older sister, and reality falls back into place.

I’m here, in my kitchen, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

‘Really’ My older sibling says, ‘Really, I know that you just finished your diet, but stop staring and just eat the stupid doughnut already!’

Revenge is Sweet…

The End of a Dieter’s Road

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